Humanity has not yet failed. Greta Thunberg is back with a podcast

Greta Thunberg asks leaders to do more for our climate in a podcast written during lockdown: the pandemic has taught us how to face a global emergency, she says.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg spent a large part of the coronavirus lockdown writing the script for a podcast called Humanity has not yet failed. The podcast was recorded in Swedish and English and transmitted on Swedish Radio’s renowned Summer programme. It can also be found on Spotify.

In the podcast, Thunberg tells the story of her journey since August 2018, when she started school striking for the climate outside the Swedish Parliament. Over the past two years, the activist has become a leader in the fight against climate change, gathering over 17 million followers across social networks. She has spoken to prime ministers and heads of state, and religious leaders like Pope Francis. Thunberg has inspired a generation of young people who are asking for climate action now, before it’s too late. What scientists and climate experts from all over the world have been saying for a long time.

In her programme, Thunberg goes on to say that the only positive thing we can take from the Covid-19 pandemic is the way we faced the emergency; how we were able to change our behaviour to face a global crisis. “This shows that during a crisis we act with the necessary force,” she states, claiming that we should confront the climate crisis with the same urgency with which we addressed the health emergency.

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