Greening the Islands, Favignana to host the conference on sustainable islands

The fourth edition of the Greening the Islands International Conference will be held on the Italian island of Favignana on 3 and 4 November. The protagonists are the world’s small islands and the green economy.

After Pantelleria, Italy in 2014, the Republic of Malta in 2015, and Gran Canaria, Spain in 2016, this year the Italian island of Favignana, off the coast of Sicily, will host the fourth edition of the Greening the Islands International Conference on the 3rd and 4th of November.

The event marks an important opportunity to tackle the topic of the circular economy, starting from islands. Guests will talk about clean energy, waste management, water, sustainable mobility, responsible tourism and agriculture. Another focus will be technological innovation, with particular attention to the projects that have already been or will be launched on the islands that promote a synergic connection between all sectors involved in the green economy.

The Greening the Islands national conference

For the second time since its establishment, the international conference will be accompanied by a national conference, in collaboration with ANCIM (Associazione Nazionale Comuni Isole Minori – the national association of minor island municipalities), which will be held on the 3rd of November. It will focus on two main themes: the decree recently approved in Italy with the aim of offering incentives for the development of renewables on islands, in order to reduce the use of diesel fuel; and the results of an ANCIM study aimed at introducing specific, simplified authorisation procedures for sustainable projects on smaller islands.

greening the islands 2017
The Greening the Islands Awards 2017

The Greening the Islands Awards

During the international conference, the Greening the Islands Awards will be announced. Now at its third edition, the contest is open to all islands that have developed or are developing environmental projects aimed at supporting the use of renewable energies, reducing energy consumption, making mobility more sustainable and promoting a sustainable use of water. The winners of the third edition will be chosen by a jury and the members of the community.

An app that connects the world’s small islands

An app dedicated to islands has been created, GreeningtheIslands.Net – connecting island innovations. This platform aims to communicate and promote the reproduction of sustainable projects across the world’s small islands, even the most remote ones, as well as enhance cooperation between islands to share expertise.

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The event will be held on the 3rd and 4th of November on the island of Favignana, Italy, at Tonnara Florio, a former tuna fishing factory now turned into a museum.

LifeGate is media partner to the event, and all that is required to take part is to make a reservation via this link. You can also follow the event via streaming on the official website.

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