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Five hundreds films that can change the world

Change can start with a film. The Films For Action association made a list of 500 films that can change the world.

Political decisions, masses that rise up, charismatic leaders can change the world, and what about art? Art has a subtle but limitless power, it can penetrate people’s heart and minds and instill doubts, fire up a passion, change perspectives and it can forge our minds more effectively than a sword.

One of today’s most influential art forms is cinema, the seventh art. It’s not by chance that Fascism used it for propaganda purposes exerting a direct control on media and launching the slogan “cinematography is the most powerful weapon”. Films can deal with important topics, such as social rights and environmental issues.


To create a better world, populations should be informed and images are the most universal form of communication. The association Films For Action thinks that films offer a powerful tool to raise awareness on important issues not covered by mainstream news. Their goal is to provide citizens with information and essential perspectives to create a fairer, more sustainable, and democratic society.


The association recorded over 3000 among the best films and documentaries on important social issues that can be watched for free on the Internet. Films For Action made a list of 500 films that may change the world. Environment, politics, society, animals, sustainable farming: these are the topics dealt with by the selected films that include well-known films and documentaries such as Sicko by Michael Moore (2007) or The corporation by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott (2003) as well as less famous but all-beautiful ones. At this point you have nothing more to do than enjoy the films, sometimes the revolution starts within a screen.

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