Surprise, surprise: Donald Trump’s sons kill animals for sport

La passione per la caccia grossa di Eric e Donald Trump Junior, figli del candidato alla presidenza degli Stati Uniti, ha suscitato nuove polemiche e potrebbe danneggiare la campagna del padre.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump is a climate change denier and warmonger. He’s racist, homophobic and xenophobic. On top of that, his sons – Eric and Donald Junior – are ruthless hunters who pay tens of thousands of dollars to kill large animals, including the most endangered species.

Trump con trofeo di caccia
Eric Trump poses with the dead body of a kudu, a large African antelope

Shooting at every kind of animal

There are many pictures on the internet that portray Trump’s sons posing with animals of any kind. They kill leopards, buffalos, gazelles, deer, elephants, salmons, antelopes, alligators, mouflons, turkeys, civets, kudus, and warthog. And when a wild animal meets a rich man with a gun, it has no chance of surviving.

Controversy in the United States

What started the latest controversy in the United States is a picture of Donald Jr and Eric while posing with the dead body of a leopard. Record producer Sharon Osbourne posted the image on her Twitter profile, writing “Really? A great example of humanity, killing animals in Africa?! Disgusting”. Chris Packham, British TV naturalist said that they “should feel utterly ashamed. And they’re not doing their dad any favours as a man campaigning to be president. Posing alongside a dead animal like that is ridiculous and embarrassing in the 21st Century. Killing for pleasure has to involve a psychopathic element. I don’t think you can say they’re a direct mirror of their father, but it says something about their environment if that’s the way they’ve been brought up”.

Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said: “I don’t believe in global warming, I believe in weather”. REUTERS/Randall Hill

Their father says they’re skilled marksman

Donald Trump has many times defended the sport of his sons by saying that “they’re great marksman, great shots, they love it. I like golf. I don’t do that”. Donald Jr and Eric are also members of the much-debated National Rifle Association, an organisation that operates in favour of those who hold guns in the United States. After all, Donald Senior is a great supporter of firearms. “I’m a big Second Amendment person,” he said.

I figli di Trump alla convention repubblicana
Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump at the Republican convention. Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Could this story affect the electoral campaign?

It’s unlikely that a number of people will decide not to vote Donald Trump for what his sons are doing rather than for what he does. Yet, the general public’s reaction to the pictures of Trump’s sons could damage the presidential candidate’s reputation among moderate voters.

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