Why these are the 10 most interesting cars at the Detroit Auto Show

Electric, hydrogen, autonomous and connected cars. The new vehicles exhibited in Detroit are wonderful and sustainable. Here are the most beautiful ones.

The Detroit Auto Show started with the exhibition of 40 new cars. FCA reveals its new crossover, Chrysler Pacifica, Audi its new line of A4 vehicles, BMW shows racing cars like the M2 Coupé and the X4 M40i, while Volkswagen presents its new hybrid car Tiguan.


The first cars of this year’s edition of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) were forty but until 24th January new advanced models and prototypes are to be exhibited. Although British brands including Bentley, Land Rover, Mini and Jaguar as well as the American brand Tesla weren’t on exhibition in Detroit, sustainable technological innovations were presented at the show.


Here are the top 10 most interesting cars at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

1. Fiat Chrysler Pacifica

Why it is interesting:
It’s the first hybrid vehicle in the history of the Italian car company! Finally. Now we’re waiting for the Maserati and its classic auto parts for the auto show.


2. Lexus LC 500 Coupé

Why it is interesting:
Akio Toyoda himself wants luxury and sustainability in an amusing car: the first hybrid vehicle using rear-wheel drive.


3. Toyota Mirai

Why it is interesting:
It is hydrogen fuelled and now it can communicate with a satellite through hexagonal antennas on the car roof.


4. Audi Q6 H-tron

Why it is interesting:
Audi takes a step further compared with the already avant-guarde E-tron electric models: is hydrogen the fuel of the future?


5. Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept

Why it is interesting:
A plug-in hybrid variant of the Tiguan SUV that confirms Mathias Mueller’s statement: “Twenty electric or hybrid models within 2020”.


6. Ford Fusion

Why it is interesting:
It’s Ford’s universal saloon car and the company filled it up with technology and a hybrid engine!


7. General Motors Bolt

Why it is interesting:
In Italy this will be a Opel, and probably it will be the first electric car sold for less than 25,000 euros.


8. Class-E Mercedes

Why it is interesting:
It is increasingly improving on self-driving technology with its semi-autonomous driving system Drive Pilot.


9. Smart

Why it is interesting:
Its success in the USA, the birthplace of big saloon cars and huge pick-up trucks, makes us be more optimistic about smaller cars.


10. Acura Precision Concept

Why it is interesting:
It has a new digital interface between men and cars.

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