Cold: a matter of skin

In the winter, wind and cold have negative effects on your skin, especially if it’s sensitive and fair. Here are a few tips on what to avoid and what to use to protect it.

Couperose and sensitive skin
Couperose is a skin condition characterised by dilated blood vessels on the cheeks and back of the nose. It mostly affects subjects with fair and sensitive skin aged 30 or so. Sensitive skin is a skin condition in which dermis is prone to itching and irritation when using detergents, perfumes and cosmetics. It’s often hereditary and can be associated to proneness to developing allergies. In both cases, extreme weather conditions (wind, cold, or excessively hot temperatures) worsen the situation, obliging people who have sensitive skin to take extra care of it.


What to avoid…
It’s necessary to cut down on tea, coffee and alcohol and beware of chemical additives in food, because they have very negative effects on sensitive skin.


It is recommendable to avoid sun, wind and cold exposure, if possible.
Don’t use alcohol and lanolin-based cleansers and fragrances that trigger irritation.


…and what to use
An excellent remedy to treat couperose and sensitive skin is rose essential oil that has astringent properties. You can combine 2-3 drops of this oil with the same amount of lavender and neroli essential oil, witch hazel distilled water (that soothes redness and irritation) and 75 ml of orange flower water and apply it on your cheeks twice a day.

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