Breading, the new app to have no more leftover bread

The figures on bread waste are remarkable. Breading is an app that aims to create an efficient managing network system to solve this problem. And it does it for free thanks to the participation of bakers and non-profit organisations.

A group of young people from Lombardy is behind the creation of a new startup that aims to donate unsold bread to charitable associations through an online platform.


Breading allows bakers to send an SMS or an online message telling the amount of bread left at the end of the day and the associations to go and collect it.


The idea came from a group of Italian guys who realised an online platform (accessible from any computer system and soon available for iOs and Android) to promote redistribution of leftover bread from bakeries and groceries. The original project was first presented on 20 October 2014 at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, during a conference against food waste, then was supported by Fondazione Vodafone and now it is being developed.

A notification will suffice

Breading is a web app, freely accessible from any kind of computer system and any Apple, BlakBerry, Windows and Android device. Today, to use this app, you just need to key the “Breading.Foundation” URL.


Bakeries and associations have to subscribe to the platform in order to use it.


Those who own a bakery and know that at the end of the day will have bread left can indicate how many kilos of bread they want to donate two hours before the closing time.


The managers of the associations after subscribing communicate the area where they can collect the goods; then they receive the notifications from the bakeries that want to donate their bread day by day.


Thanks to geolocation an alert reaches the nearest charitable associations that subscribed to the service, which can reserve the bread and go to shop to collect it.


It seems a technology with a human face but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t sophisticated: to avoid overlappings the app uses a system of QR codes that allows just one booking at a time.


Breading is a free app

Breading started to gather subscriptions and it already collaborates with the most important local associations for the redistribution of exceeding bread to needy people.


Subscribing to the platform is free for all organisations upon assessment of the legal status of the non-profit organisation.


Still in its testing phase in the area of Lambrate district, Milan, this app will soon be available in Milan, Bergamo and Rome and then it will develop in many other countries.


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