We’re going to miss Obama. Here’s why, in Pete Souza’s photographs

Barack Obama nel privato e nei momenti di intimità. Grazie agli scatti del fotografo Pete Souza ripercorriamo il lato umano del presidente. Dentro e fuori la Casa Bianca.

Pete Souza is the official photographer of the White House and has followed the President of the United States, Barack Obama, during his journeys all around the world since 2009. Through his lens, we have lived some touching, intimate, bizarre and unofficial moments, which have let us discover the “humane” side of the Obama family.

The photographs taken by Pete Souza have already made history in the United States, while documenting the life at the White House, from difficult times to the love between Barack and Michelle, which has played a fundamental role in communicating with US people.

These pictures make us re-experience some of such moments. From a relaxed Barack Obama that tries to shoot a basketball to a fist-bump with a White House staff member.

From a reflection in the mirror that is worth more than a million speeches to an afternoon spent playing with Spider-Man. These photographs remind us that we should never forget that behind every presidential choice, even the hardest, are “human beings”.

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