Almonds, a healthy way to get energy

By eating a fistful of almonds every day you’ll have the recommended daily mineral intake. Let’s have them at breakfast with cereals: they’re lower in fat and calories than walnuts and hazelnuts.

A great source of mineral salts, almonds are also healthy: they’re rich in potassium, iron and zinc as well as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, that’s why they are one of the most appreciated by nutritionists.




These oily seeds, which provide “good” fats”, mostly of which are monounsaturated, are rich in fibres and contain also protein and vitamin B1, B2, PP as well as traces of vitamin C and E. If combined with corn flakes at breakfast, almonds trigger the digestion of cereals thanks to the enzyme emulsin.




It is recommended to consume (not more than twenty) almonds every day, since they are considered natural antiseptics, they balance the nervous system and tackle respiratory, urinary and reproductive system inflammation. Almonds are also useful during pregnancy and breastfeeding.




In ancient times, nothing was wasted of an almond tree: pruned branches were used as firewood for baking bread; the husk was an ingredient for preparing homemade soap; the shells fed the fireplace.


When purchasing almonds, bear in mind that shelled almonds must be preserved in a dark and cool environment, otherwise they go rancid.




Be careful with bitter almonds: even if they are used in low dosage to prepare traditional biscuits such as amaretto biscuits, bitter almonds are poisonous. 2-3 bitter almonds are enough to feel poisoning symptoms.


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