5 sci-fi car accessories get real

5 accessories for your car that come straight out of the future, inspired by films and TV series.

The time has come for cars from the future. Cars talking to the driver, not needing maintenance or even cars using a green fuel get out of screen and get in our garage. Technology has not provided us yet with flying cars or vehicles gliding on roads, defying gravity. Innovation, however, has achieved unexpected goals.


2015 Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show showcased some cars already on sale, equipped with cutting edge technologies inspired by films, which is an affordable choice for almost everyone, carrying relevant advantages to both buyers and environment. Technology, design and accessories of cars of the future belong to an aware and responsible lifestyle, supported by tests carried out by car producers equipping car with new increasingly eco-friendly accessories.


Alternative fuel. In Back to the Future Part II, Doc looks in the garbage bin for some banana peels and organic waste to allow DeLorean’s time travel to the future, to the far away 2015. 2015, which seemed so distant in 1985, has now come and has carried with it hydrogen-powered cars. Obviously, such cheap and sustainable fuel can’t allow cars to time travel, but it can certainly change the fate of the planet by reducing pollution in the atmosphere.



Voice control. Bluetooth is the technology allowing us to talk with our car. The time has come for Knight Rider and KITT car has come. Cars can already answer text messages while we are driving and enable or disable some features thanks to a simple vocal command. They still don’t have emotions, or autonomous intelligence, but maybe in the near future cars will also present such features.


Autopilot. The automatic pick-up, taking visitors to the Jurassic Park created by Spielberg in 1993, is the film adaptation of the model currently tested at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Designed by Google engineers, the car replaces the driver with an electric control unit which can control, almost like a human operator, all car sensors as well as car connectivity.



No more light bulbs. The luminescent vehicles darting in Tron cybernetic space are the film adaptation of  LED technology applied to cars. No more headlight lamps to be replaced or backlit interior. Now LEDs turn on switches, decorate shapes and light up the road with no need at all of maintenance.


Compact and comfortable cars. The extraordinary vicissitudes of the main character feature future cars with clean design, rounded shapes and a spacious and relaxing interior. Today, many cars on sale take notice of this suggestion to design comfortable interiors, not neglecting the slightest detail to make passengers always feel at home.


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