What we googled in 2015

What did the world google in 2015? The answer is in this unmissable video that makes us look back on the past beautiful, intense 12 months.

What did we google in 2015? It’s December and it means that the world’s most popular web search engine released its annual video, an annual roundup of what happened around the world by analysing the most popular searches and the most viewed videos (YouTube is owned by Google).

It’s been a demanding and active year. The most common search was “How can I help refugees?” after the flows of people that decided to flee countries – like Syria – that are devastated by war, terrorism, and drought. The second one was “How can we overcome prejudice?” and is about hundreds of black people killed by US police forces that raised issues like racial discrimination. And it’s impressive knowing that many people wondered why there was an embargo between the United States and Cuba, now that the diplomatic relations have been restored. Like a confirmation it was a pointless blockade.

Then the terror attack at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the decision of the US Supreme Court of legalizing same-sex marriage, and the will to help Nepalese people after the dramatic heartquake (“How can we rebuild Nepal?”).

There have been more popular searches, such as the decision of David Letterman of quitting his talk show, continuously broadcasted since 1980, and the Italian video of 1,000 people in Cesena singing Learn to Fly to ask the Foo Fighters to make a tour date there.

The video ends with a message: search on. It’s Google’s call on people to keep looking for answers.

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