Water is Life, Eric Maillet turns bottles into works of art

Water is Life, the exhibition of the photographer Eric Maillet from 17 December 2015 to 18 January 2016 in Milan: 25 artworks dedicated to water.

The historical location of the Exhibition Hall of the Pirelli Tower will host one of the most interesting exhibitions of the year: Water is Life, by the photographer Eric Maillet. From 17 December 2015 to 18 January 2016 it will be possible to admire 25 artworks representing the undiscovered side of plastic bottles, collected by the photographer himself across the world. The project dedicated to water, organised as part of Feeding the Future, Now in collaboration with Regione Lombardia, was produced by Mario Rescio and André Werther, and curated by Lele Del Fabbro.

Artworks from waste 

Water is exhibited in a surprisingly new form, shaped by man and industry. Maillet uses a common water bottle to create an abstract, unexpected, coloured, and different image. As a hole, the artworks seem to be a sequence of large coloured circles, recalling cathedrals’ glass windows: a depth that recalls the concept of the planet and life.

“After finding out the aesthetic side of plastic bottles when illuminated, I immediately noticed an explosion of forms and colours thanks to their diversity, realising that when images are broadened, they are given a new life,” said Maillet.


Who is Eric Maillet

Maillet is a great interpreter of the contemporary photography. His pictures taken for some of the world’s most important brands have become symbols and are immediately recognisable. His career started in 1983 and since then Maillet has realised thousands of pictures and photo features for numerous international magazines.


The exhibition of aWerther Milano / WIB srl will be open to public with free admission from 17 December 2015 to 18 January 2016.

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