Tunisia, pipeline accident sees oil washed up on the shores of Kerkennah Islands

An oil spill has occurred off the beautiful coasts of the Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia, on 13 March. It is threatening marine wildlife.

A leak from the Cercina 7 extraction well saw oil washed up on the most beautiful beaches of the Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia, due to an accident occurred on 13 March. The incident has been confirmed by Tunisian well owner Thyna Petroleum Services, which published the picture of the damaged pipeline.

Nel cerchio rosso la zona dell’avaria del pozzo Cercina 7 (Thyna Petroleum)
© Thyna Petroleum


The inhabitants of the Kerkennah islands, which rely on fishery and tourism, are calling for an investigation into the causes and liability for the incident. Over the past few days, Tunisian authorities declared that the leak “has been completely contained”. However, the oil company demonstrated the opposite. Thyna pointed out that the accident wasn’t caused by an underwater pipeline, but a one-centimetre-long stretch of pipe located above the sea level. But it was enough for the oil to be washed up on Tunisian coasts 7 kilometres away.


(Photo Photo by Albatross via Getty Images)
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