#Trashtag Challenge, clearing litter and sharing it on social media has gone viral

Putting an environmental spin on viral social media trends, the #Trashtag challenge invites people to post before and after pictures of areas cleared from waste.

Plastic and litter are some of the biggest problems faced by the environment. Thankfully everyone can help relieve some of this stress from the natural world. Together with a variety of older cousins, a new social media challenge centred on a catchy hashtag – the #Trashtag challenge – inspires people to remove litter and rubbish from polluted areas.

#Trashtag challenge, how it started

Originally started as the #Trashtag Project by UCO Gear, a US company selling equipment for outdoor activities in 2015, it picked up after Facebook user Byron Román posted a before and after picture of an area he cleared, inviting “bored teens” to “take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it”. The #Trashtag challenge has now spread beyond just young people.

Picking up litter goes viral

Having become a social media hit, it has now gone viral, with Román’s original Facebook post being shared over 300,000 times. Following this, many people have already taken up arms against heavily littered areas, posting before and after pictures of their valuable work.

All over the world people are tagging friends and family to join the effort and clean local parks, rivers, roadsides and more.

In the sprit of this, we challenge all of you to take part, so now it’s your turn to clear some trash and tag your friends.

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