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Thom Yorke writes a letter to Father Christmas: no more presents to oil companies

Thom Yorke in his letter to Father Christmas asks him not to give presents to oil company executives and the politicians whose influence they buy.

Once again Thom Yorke, lead singer of the band Radiohead, actively took part in initiatives aimed to raise awareness on the issue of climate change in occasion of Paris COP21, the 21st global conference on climate.



Previously, he deejayed on a float through the streets of London during the climate march organised on 29 November by Greenpeace UK.

Then, on 4 December he sang with Patti Smith and Flea, the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, on the Pathway to Paris stage – a conference-concert that coincided with the UN COP21 where personalities such as Bill McKibbenNaomi Klein and Vandana Shiva held speeches. On this occasion, the singer also performed two unreleased songs that, as the British musical magazine NME reports, could be included in the Radiohead’s latest album that is much talked about.

Returned from Paris, while Christmas feasts are just round the corner, the singer decided to write his own missive to Father Christmas, participating in the Letters of Noel Project (endorsed by Letters Live, the meeting organised every year by Letters of Note, a website that aims to preserve letter writing) in occasion of the National Letter Writing Day of 7 December.

Dear Father Christmas, since I wrote to you last, when I was 9, I have tried to be good, but sometimes failed spectacularly. I have also tried to do what I’m told but often have delighted in doing the exact opposite. But always I have tried to give love and try not to cause hurt.

The letter continues with a traditional request: snowfall on Christmas Day for his offspring. But in the last few lines, the artist took advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate again his commitment for the environment:

I won’t ask you to solve the problems of the human race. Those are our problems alone. But perhaps this year you would consider not giving any presents to oil company executives and the politicians whose influence they buy?

Here is the full missive.

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