Tagliatelle with green peas and shiitake mushrooms

Tagliatelle with shiitake mushrooms pesto are a tasty spring main course made of crisp shiitake mushrooms.



Ingredients for 2 persons

100 g of tagliatelle

80 g of fresh green peas

10 g of pistachios

10 g of pumpkin seeds

2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

3 basil leaves

3 dried shiitake mushrooms


piselli shiitake


Soak mushrooms in a cup of water for at least an hour.
Cook green peas in boiling water for few minutes, drain and whip them with dried fruit, oil, salt, pepper and basil leaves
Drain and dry mushrooms. Keeping the water aside cut them in tiny slices and sear in a pan until they get crisp.
Cook pasta in the mushroom’s water, adding the amount of water necessary to cooking.
Season tagliatelle with green peas and crisp mushrooms pesto.


piselli shiitake

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