LifeGate launches recipes’ sustainability index

What is the environmental impact of the ingredients used in your kitchen? We have created a sustainability indicator for the recipes we publish on find out how many planets each recipe receives!

Thanks to I Feel Food, the project on sustainable eating, and the knowhow of Zero Impact®, LifeGate developed a sustainability indicator that classifies each recipe depending on its environmental impact.


Sustainability level can be easily identified thanks to the presence of small planet-shaped symbols (from 0 to 5): the more planets the recipe receives the more sustainable it is. The presence of 5 planets indicates the highest sustainability, while the absence of planets indicates a significant environmental impact.




The indicator summarizes a complex analysis based on the LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) method, which is internationally regulated by the ISO 14040 standard and it is widely respected in the scientific world. The study considers all stages of products’ supply chain, from cultivation to transportation and distribution. It is based on the carbon footprint, i.e. greenhouse gas emissions, determined by 2 factors: the effective quantity emitted and its impact, measured in terms of global warming potential. Emissions are converted in CO2 equivalent values, through parameters defined by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), scientific body under the auspices of the United Nations. Every recipe is associated to environmental impact values (per gram) that have to be multiplied by recipes’ specific quantities. As result, the receipt evaluation is given by the sum of each single element’s impact.




We chose to express the indicator in a clear way. We aim to inform people about recipes’ sustainability rate, and raise awareness about food’s environmental impact. For these reasons food waste has to be combated.


Recipes’ environmental evaluation algorithms have been developed and used by LifeGate, in occasion of Expo Milano 2015, through 2 important projects: Expo World Recipes and Cucina la Salute con Gusto.



Outstanding (5 planets)

Excellent (4 planets)

Good (3 planets)

Pass (2 planets)

Insufficient (1 planet)

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