Greenpeace’s (premonitory) video forewarning Volkswagen’s scandal

Inspired to the most famous science fiction movie, Greenpeace’s video was published 4 years ago, in less suspicious times.

“We told you so!” These are the words that are invading social networks recalling the campaign made by Greenpeace International and Greenpeace Italia, which denounced the German car manufacturer’s emissions policy.


VW Spoof Advert Frame Grab


The campaign, becoming always more viral, portrays the characters of Star Wars, when they were still children, which oppose Dart Veder and the Black Death, with the brand of the well-known company.


Volkswagen’s “dark side” was already targeted by the environmental association because the German company didn’t intend to reduce cars’ CO2 emissions levels.





In another video, one of the imperial guards gets the order of killing a polar bear, which was a friend though. The guard runs away and becomes an activist.

On its Facebook page, Greenpeace Italia writes: “We don’t like saying ‘we told you so’, but… we had already revealed Volkswagen’s dark side some years ago. And the German company committed to improve. Clearly, part of the company has no hesitation to rig its pollution. We do not need scandals to understand that we must reduce cars and switch to a sustainable mobility!”

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