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10 things you can make with pallets and a low budget

Eco-friendly, economic, versatile, recycled. Here are a few ideas for how to use pallets.

If you love the industrial style and you like to design and assemble your own furniture, you can give wooden pallet a new lease of life. Here is a list of objects you can create with low budget and lots of creativity:


Plant rack

It is one of the most classical use of this material: plant racks in pallet, perfect for balconies, terraces or gardens, they are easy to build and easy on the eyes.




The advantages of a bed made of pallet is… its height! You can choose the most suitable height for you and, above all, you can create room for your favourite objects, books or shoes.



Wall coat rack

Creative, nice and colourful. To create a perfect wall coat rack, especially for children, you need only to remove and paint one pallet board.




You can make either outdoor or indoor sofas suitable for your living room, veranda or garden that can even function as sofa beds for your guests!



Creative shelves or bookcases

With a vertically positioned pallet board you can create a versatile and nice bookcase. And, if you want, shelves for your kitchen, corridor or bathroom…




If accurately painted and shaped, a pallet board becomes an ideal workspace as big and high as you prefer.



Coffee table

It’s one of the most common use of old pallets. Coffee tables, to which four wheels can be added, complete the look of your industrial-style living room and are perfect for lofts.



Dining table and chairs

The creative experiment in this image is remarkable: if you cut, regulate, nail down and repaint pallets, you will obtain a dining table for every occasion.



Garden table

It’s a variation of common coffee tables. Garden (or terrace) tables are excellent to have a tea or a coffee in company.




Maybe this is an extreme solution but certainly it is ecologic and “natural”. Two rows of desks, modern computers and suffused lighting create a professional atmosphere.



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