How good it is to plant an orchard in your office

Planting an orchard in an office can boost the employees’ creativity and increase their awareness on environmental issues.

It has often been demonstrated that making room for recreational activities in a company has a positive influence on the relationships between employees and on their personal satisfaction. And the creative initiatives aimed to involve workers in this sense include planting an orchard in the office.


Indulging to cultivate a nursery increases employees’ productivity and allows them to save money for fruits and vegetables. The products of the orchard, indeed, are used in workplace canteens and are allocated to those employees who contributed to their farming.


Verdura dell'orto


The idea of planting orchards in the office was put into practice in the US, mostly by companies such as Microsoft, which, with its Urban Farming, is promoting its initiative even in the US pavilion at Expo 2015. The scope of this global giant is to transform its headquarters in Redmond into a self-sufficient ecosystem, raising awareness on the importance of eating healthy and zero km food products.


L'orto di Microsoft esposto a Expo 2015


In Italy, this practice is increasingly gaining success, mostly in Milan where “Orti d’Azienda” (orchards in the office), an association aiming to divulge the project to companies, is already operative. The companies that adhered to the project include Unicredit, which made available to employees a garden at the second floor of its skyscraper in Porta Nuova, in the city centre.


Creating a green area where workers can sow, water and gather the fruits of the land means giving them the opportunity of working together for a common aim, increasing their cooperation abilities and protecting the environment from the damages of intensive farming.


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