One like, one forest. Help safeguard the Amazon forest in Brazil through Facebook

One Like, one square meter of forest protected. This is the commitment of Italian paper manufacturer Favini in occasion of Earth Day.

For Earth Day, Italian paper manufacturer Favini launches One like, one forest, the initiative that protects the Amazon rainforest in Brazil thanks to Facebook. For every new “Like” on Favini’s official Facebook page, one square metre of forest will be protected. The aim is to contribute to safeguarding our planet’s green lungs, which are essential to absorbing global CO2 emissions. The initiative is carried out in collaboration with LifeGate’s Stand Up Forests project, which protects 560 hectares in the Brazilian Amazon together with the NGOs Avive and Icei. This portion of land has been given to 27 families of the San Pedro community who, by using the resource daily, learn how to take care of it.

Through the One like, one forest initiative, Italian paper manufacturer Favini commit to protecting the Amazon forest in Brazil
Through the One like, one forest initiative, Italian paper manufacturer Favini commits to protecting the Amazon forest in Brazil

Respect for people and the planet has always been a key aspect of Favini’s philosophy. In fact, all its products are produced with 100% FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), COC (Chain of Custody) or CW (Controlled Wood) certified cellulose. FSC certification ensures that the products come from forests that are managed responsibly. Favini categorically refuses the use of raw materials coming from high conservation value forests that are cut illegally, as well as from areas where workers rights are violated and the principles established by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) aren’t respected. This is a real commitment to the future that can be supported with a simple Like.

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