The Ocean Cleanup begins! The device to clean up ocean plastic is on its way

The Ocean Cleanup officially set off on the 8th of September: a giant floating device that will clean up the Pacific Trash Vortex, the world’s largest plastic island.

The moment has finally come: the hope for cleaner oceans in the shape of a device called Ocean Array Cleanup has set sail towards the Pacific Trash Vortex, the largest plastic island on the planet. The ambitious Ocean Cleanup project was officially launched on the 8th of September; the largest ocean cleaning operation in history, conceived by young genius Boyan Slat, driven by his desire to fight the problem of plastic pollution.

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Ocean Cleanup’s first true test

Five years have passed since the NGO Ocean Cleanup was launched, and finally, after years of tests and development, the first device has set sail from San Francisco. Its name is System 001 and is made up of a chain of floating barriers two kilometres long and aligned with the currents, with the function of channelling plastic towards platforms that act as funnels. You can follow System 001’s movements through this link.

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Ocean Cleanup’s objective

System 001 is the first of a fleet consisting of 60 machines designed to clean up 50 per cent of the Pacific Trash Vortex over five years. A ship will periodically transport the plastic waste collected to land, where it will be recycled.

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