Today is Museum Selfie day

The Museum Selfie day, the campaign created to enhance the world’s cultural heritage in a funny and modern way, is finally back.

“No cameras allowed”. How many times when entering a museum have you noticed a sign like this? Forget about it: today is Museum Selfie day.


Actually, in the Italian museums it’s possible to freely take pictures since 1 June 2014, thanks to a cultural decree of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, that allows to “freely take pictures in a museum for personal use and in any case not for profit”.


museum selfie day
Selfie at the Museum of Ceramics, Savona, Italy


What’s the Museum Selfie day
It’s an initiative created for social networks, in particular Twitter and Instagram, aimed to raise awareness on the importance of enjoying art, archaeology, science, photography, as well as all the kinds of artworks exhibited in a museum, in a funny way. The word museum itself that could stink outdated, old, mouldy and dusty, could become with this initiative another word for funny, playful, cheerful, lively, modern.


How to participate in the project
It’s very easy: you just need to go in a museum or a gallery, choose your favourite painting, artifact, object, take a selfie and post it in the social networks with the hashtag #MuseumSelfie and #MuseumSelfieDay of the account @MuseumSelfieDay.


Museum selfies
There are many people who are taking part in the initiative, which is at its third edition. Here is a photo gallery of #MuseumSelfie we’ve taken on the Web.

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