Laurie Anderson: music for dogs that comes from the heart

Artist Laurie Anderson plays the violin in a concert meant to be exclusively appreciated by her four-legged friends.

To celebrate the new year, musician and performer Laurie Anderson organised a concert at the beginning of January in the heart of New York, Times Square. Notwithstanding the freezing temperatures, the musical performance was attended by many people and their four-legged friends.

The suite Laurie Anderson composed for the occasion was meant to be particularly appreciated by the hounds and was broadcast through speakers at an ultra-low frequency for the enjoyment of canine ears. Humans, instead, for whom the music was barely audible, were provided with earphones.



Anderson’s love for dogs is not a secret: her first feature-length film is entitled the Heart of a Dog and was presented at last year’s Festival of Venice, where it moved the whole audience.


Dedicated to her deceased husband Lou Reed, the film talks about her losses: Anderson analyses her bereavements to investigate the sense of life and love.


And one of the most important losses in Anderson’s life, besides her mother’s and her beloved’s Lou Reed, was that of Lolabelle, a rat terrier that had been her companion for many years before dying in 2011 and to which the artists dedicated songs and concerts over the years.



Anderson told The Guardian:

Oh, it was lovely. There was so many types of dogs, I really hadn’t imagined that many would show up. I was really impressed.


Actually, this is not the first time that Anderson organises a concert for dogs: last December, the artist performed in a small concert before projecting the Heart of a Dog in a theatre in Los Angeles, while six years ago she put on a canine concert – “Music for dogs” – in front of Sidney’s Opera House.


Featured image: Laurie Anderson with her dog Lolabelle © Sophie Calle

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