Microsoft explains the interaction between music and technology in a new website

Music x Technology is an online platform where artists such as deadmou5, Neon Indian and Matthew Dear teach how to make music with Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft launched a new online platform, Music x Technology, to show how music, technology and art can interact. The work of the musicians and artists involved has been monthly documented behind the scenes through videos, texts and images that tell the creative evolution of their performances, thanks to the Kinect technology.

The site has been launched along with an interactive photographic project by Carlo Van de Roer, an artist at Satellite Lab who portrayed some musicians including Matthew DearNeon Indian and Phantogram.


The interactive portrays have been obtained using a high-speed camera. The visitor, who is enabled to separate the movement of light sources from that of the scenes, can control light sources and discover their content, context and details at every moment of the music performance.

The electropop band Neon Indian used the Microsoft technology during a live concert to add a new dimension to their performance. While they played The Hive Glitzy, five Kinect sensors captured the movements of the band members making the show even more dynamic. “To go from the initial paradigm of just person on a stage with their instrument, to this morphed experience – where it’s partly theatre, partly cinematic, partly musical”, singer Alan Palomo said.

The duo Phantogram, whose name is inspired in an optical illusion that produces a 2D image that is distorted in a particular way so as to appear three-dimensional, used Kinect during a night performance in Los Angeles. Matthew Dear created the DELQA interactive installation that uses the movements of the spectators to transform the musical environment and mix the border lines between the artist and the audience.

In another video of Music x Technology, the popular DJ and producer Deadmau5 explains the advantages of Microsoft Surface during the latest tour of the Mau5trap label. The tablet was also used by one of its artists, ATTLAS, to record the song Aspen.

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