Watch Kenya’s wonderful wildlife being broadcast live from natural reserves

Per la prima volta sarà possibile vivere in diretta l’incontro notturno con i leoni nel Masai Mara e il reinserimento di alcune tartarughe marine nell’Oceano Indiano.

Internet connection, a smartphone and the Periscope app. This is everything you need to be brought (virtually) to some of Kenya’s most beautiful natural reserves. You will have the feeling of being on a safari, side-by-side with guides and rangers, thanks to 50 live broadcasts delivered over 11 days by the #KenyaLive initiative.


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Directly from the Masai Mara Game Reserve and the Watamu beach, people will experience night-time lion interaction and the release of rehabilitated sea turtles back into the Indian Ocean live.


The project realised by Make It Kenya, international campaign of the State Department of East African Affairs aimed to promote and enhance the country’s tourism and trade, has been carried out in partnership with HerdTracker, platform that allows following migrations live on Google Maps. The live broadcasts started on 7 January and will run until 18 January.



Cutting edge cameras and wildlife

GoPros, 360-degree and underwater cameras will film in real time the life in the savannah and in the depths of the ocean in some of Kenya’s most important natural reserves. People can admire lions in the wild in the Olare Motorogi and Naboisho conservancies of the Maasai Mara, in something that could be defined as a real-time documentary.


Lions, sea turtles, and dolphins

From 14 to 18 January the team of HerdTracker will travel to the coastal town of Watamu to host a live broadcast of the release of some individuals of rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtles, ready to be sent back into their natural habitat.


The project aims to show viewers across the world the two natural areas, allowing them to admire dolphins swimming in the ocean or lions playing at night in the savannah.

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