India saves energy investing in LEDs

20 million traditional light bulbs will make way for LEDs. India promises energy saving and efficiency in the streets of its cities.

20 million traditional light bulbs illuminating Indian streets and houses in a quite inefficient way will be soon replaced by LEDs. This is what the Minister for Energy Piyush Goyal on behalf of the Indian government has announced by renewing its pledge of improving the lighting industry through the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP). The estimated costs account for 25,000 billion rupees, i.e. about 335 million euros. According to the estimates, this intervention may save up to 57,000 billion rupees every year, about 775 million euros, thanks to electricity savings of 10.5 billion Kilowatt Hours over the same period of time.




The programme will involve the streets of Indian cities as well as private houses, thanks to subsidies that will ease the distribution of low-energy light bulbs. The subsidies will be financed by an Indian consulting company for energy production plants, the Energy Efficiency Services Limited, which will be refund with ministry’s and privates’ savings on the electricity bill. The objective of improving India’s energy efficiency has been the forte of the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government during the political campaign, and they are planning to invest in the diffusion of small solar plants, ideal to illuminate even the most remote villages.

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