5 healthy habits you can learn from your dog

We can learn a lot from dog behaviours: 5 healthy habits that are good for humans too.

Have you ever thought that your dog behaviours can be healthy for human beings too? Here are a few habits you should absolutely imitate.


Avoid multitasking
When a dog is engrossed in something, e.g. eating, it does it without distracting itself. In fact, if someone bothers it, it growls. Have you ever noticed this? It focuses its attention on a single activity at once and avoids multitasking. According to a study conducted by the University of Siena, doing several things at once or one just after the other, as people are expected to do in many jobs, causes work-related stress, one of the major factors behind work-related psychic and psychosomatic pathologies.




How many times a day does your dog stretch? You should imitate it, at least a little. Stretching muscles every day for a few seconds (from 15 to 30) through a few targeted exercises increases your flexibility and muscle elasticity and keep your joints young. But don’t exaggerate: according to research by the Physiotherapy School of the University of Sidney, excessive training can cause micro-traumas.


Have a positive attitude
Our four-legged friends demonstrate this by wagging their tails and we can demonstrate it through smiles. Having a positive attitude and having fun is essential to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the blood; if they are high, they can cause health problems in advanced age. A study, presented last year at the Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego, revealed that laughing for about twenty minutes a day reduces cortisol levels and improves memory.



Have a nap
While sitting at the office before your computer, haven’t you ever thought of your dog (or cat) sleeping on the sofa and envied it? Having a nap in the middle of the day improves your memory. A few minutes of deep sleep, so-called micro-sleep, are sufficient to reactivate the right side of the brain, best at creative tasks, and once awake, in a few minutes find solutions to problems that had been vexing you for hours. This according to a study carried out by the Centre for Functional and Molecular Imaging of Georgetown University.




Accept imperfections
Animals, and dogs in particular, love us just the way we are: fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, tall or short. They accept us even if we don’t meet the standards of perfection set by society. So, the lesson you should learn, is to accept yourself exactly as they accept us. Even if it is not scientifically proven, sometimes this attitude can prevent stomach ache…


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