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Fuorisalone 2016, the very best of green design that can be seen and touched

A guide to discover the best of green design at the Fuorisalone 2016. Milan is on show until 17 April.

Thousands of visitors from all over the world are thronging the streets of Milan in search of artists’ studios, exhibitions, events or shops that during this week become true hot spots. This is the Fuorisalone 2016 that every year gives Milan the opportunity to show its style and is opened to everybody during the days of Salone del Mobile, an international furniture fair for those who work in the design field.


To better make your way through the moltitude of designers, here’s a list of the best exhibitions and the unmissable green, sustainable and cult objects you can find at the Fuorisalone 2016.



Tortona District

Starting from a tour in the Tortona District, you can’t miss the installation Urban Tree Lounge by 3M Design in collaboration with Stefano Boeri (the designer behind Bosco Verticale) who stylishly decorated the entrance to the Super Design Show 1026 held in the Super Studio Più. The Urban Tree Lounge is a space where to live an unexpected experience that regenerates your body and mind and charges the smart devices in the shade of an artificial tree realised with an uncommon combination of materials and shapes. The installation is a world away from the frenzy of the fair and the Fuorisalone and gives the visitors a cause for reflection on the idea and function of design: “How does design inspire your life?”


Urban tree lounge 3M Design Stefano Boeri
Urban tree lounge by 3M Design and Stefano Boeri ©Federica Garofalo


In the Super Studio Più, the installation inspired in the eco-friendly project Coltivare la città (cultivate the city) by Tiziana Monterisi draws the attention of the people who have the environment at their heart: a big bamboo and fabric cupola that houses a comfortable relaxing area surrounded by urban orchards in the rooftop of a building of Milan. The installation talks about the project of the association for urban regeneration Coltivare la città, held in the towers of via Russo in Milan, in the Barona district. Using the space in the roof of the towers, the association along with the district’s inhabitants created urban orchards that helped modernise the area, served as recreational areas for the citizens and provided the well-off families with fruit and vegetables.


Tiziana Monterisi
Coltivare la città byTiziana Monterisi © Federica Garofalo


An installation that you must see at the Super Design Show 2016 is time is TIME by Citizen. The famous watch brand wanted to leave its mark at the Fuorisalone by presenting the new ecodrive line with a true contemporary artwork made of 120,000 watch mechanisms. The architect Tsuyoshi Take wanted to create this experience to invite the visitors to reflect on the concept of time.


time is TIME Tsuyoshi Take for Citizen
time is TIME by Tsuyoshi Take for Citizen ©Federica Garofalo


You shouldn’t also miss in this district the NHow Hotel that houses different eco-friendly exhibitions including the Temporary ecodesign set upIOricicloTUricicli7 and Green Energy, Green Living.


Ventura Lambrate District

We strongly suggest a tour in the easternmost district of Milan, Ventura Lambrate, among street food vendors and gardens. Lambrate proves to be an unexpected place with a Dutch industrial atmosphere. There are numerous Dutch designers who exhibit their creative products, including material that look like crystals, cardboard furniture and mystic lights. The most original exhibitors in the Dialogue exhibition are the designers of Ebano Gallery, where the artworks of three African artists that use recycled materials interact with each other in a creative way. Lambrate is undoubtedly a district where urban redevelopment can result in original areas in an ever-changing Milan to leave space for creativity.


sculptures ebano gallery
Sculptures made of recycled materials by African artists, Ebano Gallery © Federica Garofalo


Brera Design District

Don’t forget to visit the Brera district. In the district a bohemien atmosphere always prevails that during the Fuorisalone 2016 undoubtedly becomes irresistible. Visit the showroom of StayGreen and the curious exhibition Innovative Sustainable Design Made in Italy at MeetLab. Here you can find intriguing, modern and innovative cardboard furniture as well as eco paints, parquet and much more.


furnishings corvasce
Detail – Laser-cut furnishings made of recycled paper by Corvasce © Federica Garofalo


Innovation predominates in this Design Week 2016 and it’s still difficult to find eco-green pieces among all the exhibitors, objects and installations of this year’s edition of the Fuorisalone. Sustainability has been embracing design for a long time: new designers experiment innovative shapes and new materials, trying to surprise a large community that still sniffs at recycled materials. Fortunately, we have to acknowledge that sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production techniques are playing an increasingly leading role in Italian design and events.

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