The amazing video of flamingos hatching

The first chick of Italy’s most populous flamingo colony, in Parco Natura Viva, has been born. Watch the video of it hatching.

The first chick of the season of Italy’s most populous colony of greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) has hatched at Parco Natura Viva in Bussolengo, in the province of Verona, Italy. This year the park registered a record of eggs laid – more than 40. Many other chicks will soon hatch as this spring the couples of flamingo have laid their eggs almost in synchrony.

cova fenicotteri rosa
The first chick of Italy’s most populous flamingo colony has hatched at Parco Natura Viva in Bussolengo, Veneto

“This little chick will stay in its nest for the next 6 or 7 days, until it will be able to stand on its own,” said Camillo Sandri, veterinarian at Natura Viva Park. “Both parents will take care of it, feeding it and guiding it”.

fenicotteri rosa cova
Parco Natura Viva this year registered a record number of eggs laid: more than 40.

The nests of greater flamingos are built with mud and loose dirt by adult individuals to protect chicks from water, and can reach up to 40 centimetres in height. When born, flamingo chicks are white, almost grey, but will turn pinkish in a few months.

fenicotteri rosa
Italy is home to about 15,000 thousand couples of greater flamingos

Greater flamingos started nesting again in Italy in the early 1990’s and today they are mostly found in Sardinia and at the mouth of River Po. “There are about 15,000 couples,” explains Sandri. “However, they must face many threats, including stray dogs that prey on their nests and habitat loss”.

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