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The eco-friendly bike made from wood

Matteo Zugnoni, uno studente italiano di design, ha presentato una bicicletta in legno completamente riciclabile e tecnicamente innovativa.

Using bikes rather than cars is one of the most debated topics in the field of sustainability. Bicycle, in fact, represents a mean able to respect the environment, avoiding the emission of polluting substances that alter the planet’s balance and harm our health.


Investing in this mean of transport by offering innovative and functional models will be the best way to go. Matteo Zugnoni, student of the University eCampus of Novedrate, Italy, demonstrates it. In his design degree project he presented an exclusive two-wheeled prototype: Woobi – Wooden Bike, a bicycle with frame and fork entirely realised with wood.


Bicicletta in legno color sabbia


This bike is extraordinarily eco-friendly, not only for the fact of being made of wood, a recyclable and reusable raw material. Its innovation is represented by a transmission system that does not involve oils and lubricants for its maintenance, since it has a carbon toothed belt, rather than the traditional chain, which makes the ride easier and more silent.


Cinghia dentata di carbonio


Woobi is an eco-friendly revolution that doesn’t overlook appearance, crucial aspect for numerous cyclists. It is in fact possible customising the bike, choosing among a wide range of wood types for the frame, and colours for the wheels, handles, and seat.


Sella della Woobi


This project is a clear demonstration of how natural resources can be smartly used to design functional, innovative, and eco-friendly objects.

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