Drone films Chernobyl ruins

Moving, symbolic and almost dreamlike images. Here is what you feel like when you fly above the ruins of a modern city.

The documentary filmed by the young videomaker Danny Cooke (born in 1985) for the Cbs, shows the ghost town of Chernobyl, 30 years after the explosion of the nuclear reactor.


He states that: “Chernobyl is one of the most interesting and dangerous places I’ve been. The nuclear disaster, which happened in 1986 (the year after I was born), had and effect on so many people, including my family when we lived in Italy. The nuclear dust clouds swept westward towards us, while the Italian police went round and threw away all the local produce and my mother rushed out to purchase as much tinned milk as possible”.


Thinking about these days, he remembers his parents’ warnings: “Don’t drink the water, don’t play on the ground, don’t drink the milk”. And all seemed so obscure. How was it possible not to touch the grass?


Looking at that funfair that should have been functioning a few days after the explosion, a question arises: can we allow such a tragic event to take place?

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