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COP 21: Massive Attack’s short film on climate change

Massive Attack’s 3D accompanies a dark satire on the world’s addiction to fossil fuels to music and presents it at COP21 in Paris.

Massive Attack’s founder Robert “3D” Del Naja realeased the soundtrack to the short film entitled La Fête est Finie (The party is over) with hip hop group Young Fathers and producer Forest Swords. The film will be premiered at Le Trianon theatre in Paris, where the negotiations on climate change are currently taking place, ahead of concerts by Thom Yorke, Patti Smith and Flea for COP21.


La Fête est Finie is a biting satire of Western governments’ close relationship with fossil fuel lobbying, their conspiracy and the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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The film was shot in black and white and directed by Mark Donne and Joe Morris, who have already worked with Massive Attack – along with Thom Yorke and Guy Garvey of Elbow – to realise the soundtrack to the documentary The UK Gold. Irish actress Fiona O’Shaughnessy is the star of the short film. She takes part in a drug party with a nighttime view of the Eiffel Tower, as she identifies oil corporate executives, spin doctors and government advisers thanks to her facial recognition camera.


3D and Mark Donne met after the founder of Massive Attack provided the score for the itinerant artwork Standing March by French street artist Jr and famous director Darren Aronofsky. Donne, for his part, is not only a director and producer, and has worked as a journalist and researcher in Westminster in close contact with corporate lobbyists. 3D and Donne said about the La Fête est Finie film:


As with any party, the skill is in knowing when to leave. The consequences of failure are absolutely catastrophic, but that didn’t prevent the previous twenty Conferences of Parties doing precisely that. There must be a legally binding deal on emissions reductions. The poorer nations on earth must receive the support they desperately need from the rich, so they can prepare for the damage caused by climate change and invest in clean technologies to cut greenhouse gas emissions. This film is a cultural contribution to the global public atmosphere that now demands that these imperatives are achieved by our governments.

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