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Naomi Klein and her documentary on climate change

Naomi Klein’s essay has become an intense and touching documentary aimed to end capitalism, for the environment’s sake.

Earlier in 2015, the Canadian writer and journalist Naomi Klein has published a book that became a manifesto on climate change and capitalism, entitled This Changes Everything. She starts with the basic assumption that without a radical change in the way world population lives, produces and manages its economic activities, there is no way to avoid environmental destruction. Klein travelled around the world for months to present her work and show how the current capitalist system is not sustainable anymore.



Her documentary bearing the same name, directed by Avi Lewis and produced by Alfonso Cuarón amongst others, has been released on 21 November and will be screened all over the world. The movie tries to demonstrate how humans’ avidity and indifference towards the planet are no longer acceptable. We have to act now to curb climate change and save the Earth, and we need the governments to cooperate to continue each citizen’s effort.

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