David Letterman is back, tackling climate change to answer the question “why didn’t we do anything about this?”

The retired talk show host David Letterman returns, lending his humour to the cause of climate change in the National Geographic series Years of Living Dangerously.

For 33 years the Late Show was the US television channel CBS’ goodnight to its viewers and its host David Letterman was one of the most innovative and unpredictable broadcasters in the country. Now he faces a new challenge that the producers of the National Geographic show Years of Living Dangerously, Joel Bach and David Gelber, asked him to take after noticing his interest in the environment during interviews with scientists on the Late Show.

years of living dangerously
US President Barack Obama and David Letterman speak during a break in the taping of the “Late Show with David Letterman” in 2012 © Brendan Smialowski/AFP/GettyImages

Years of Living Dangerously

The Emmy award-winning series follows celebrity correspondents around the world, to witness the effects of climate change on our planet first-hand and learn how we can save it for future generations. It is divided into weekly episodes in which activists or journalists with a background in environmental reporting travel around the world to interview experts, politicians and ordinary people to try and find solutions to the effects of global warming.

The second season will be aired on the 30th of October on the Nat Geo channel with broader international distribution than the first one. It will focus on the effects of rising sea levels, droughts and the extinction rates of the planet’s species. Correspondents such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, Thomas Friedman, Cecily Strong, Sigourney Weaver and Jack Black will help the public clearly see what climate change is and what solutions can be undertaken by governments and ordinary people.

Narendra Modi
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20 © Etienne Oliveau/Getty Images

A close look at renewable energy in India

For the first episode of the new series a bearded Letterman travels to India to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to learn about how the country is transitioning from non-renewable energy to solar power, fuelling its growing economy, and how it could bring electricity to 300 million people for the first time in its history. In a behind-the-scene special, Modi says that if the world helps him with technology and resources, he will switch over to clean energy completely. Letterman also meets other officials and visits villages where people live without power to understand how India will face the challenges ahead using renewable energy solutions.

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