Dancer Bus, the translucent city bus that is powered by wind

L’autobus, nato in Lituania, oltre a sfruttare l’energia eolica, utilizza materiali tecnologici dando vita a un mezzo concepito per migliorare l’ambiente urbano.

It originally was an old Škoda TR14 trolleybus, but it has now become a Dancer bus, an electric bus with an innovative, technological and eco-friendly design. The vehicle has been realised in Lithuania by Vejo Projektai, with the aim of creating a new generation of public transport for a more efficient and sustainable urban mobility.


Dancer bus a Kaunas, Lituania
Dancer bus is powered by electricity generated from wind energy produced by wind turbines installed on the vehicle itself


The bus is powered by electricity generated from wind energy. The original engine was removed and replaced by four electric engines (one for each wheel), which produce energy thanks to constantly active wind turbines.

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Its peculiar design, which gives the vehicle a translucent aspect, plays an essential role. The bus has been made lighter by replacing the old metal sheets with vertical translucent panels. The bus is thus naturally illuminated and offers wide city views during day-routes, while, during the night, the interactive panels can be programmed to show images and videos

New panels, made with recycled materials, allowed reducing the vehicle’s weight by 57%, making it easier to be moved with a lower energy use. Moreover, Dancer Bus has no ads on it, thus reducing visual pollution.


Autobus elettrico e tecnologico


Currently, there are two operational Dancer buses in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city, and the aim is converting the entire fleet by 2017. These sustainable, technological and artistic Dancer buses make their silent yet decisive way towards future urban mobility, pushed by a gust of wind.

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