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COP21. India leads Solar Alliance of 121 countries

L’iniziativa è stata lanciata alla Cop 21 dal governo dell’India. L’obiettivo è permettere lo sviluppo del solare nelle nazioni situate tra i due tropici.

A coalition of 121 countries launched what was called the international solar alliance on the second day of COP 21 climate summit. The goal: federating all nations that are deemed to have a considerable potential in terms of production of photovoltaic energy. In a number of the countries that took part in the alliance, there are more than 300 days recorded to have strong solar radiation. Yet, this “treasure” is only minimally used.


narendra modi india prime minister
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lunched a coalition of 121 countries aiming to expand solar energy use © WPA Pool/Getty Images


The initiative was led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who managed to involve almost all countries located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. “If we want to fulfill the pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions made by governments worldwide on the eve of the conference – French President François Hollande explained during the presentation of the initiative – we must invest about 1,200 billion dollars by 2030. Part of this huge sum must be used to promote solar energy expansion: actually, this is the most abundant renewable source in many countries. Yet, the technologies and grants needed to fully use it are still not sufficient”. The Transalpine Head of State also announced to invest 2 billion euros in clean energy in Africa.

The alliance aims to adopt cooperation programmes among industrialised nations and poor countries. It is an initiative that falls within the main goals of COP 21: promoting global technology tranfer among countries to ensure a spread and consistent development of renewables. It’s not by chance that the signers highlighted that they wanted to “make joint and innovative efforts to reduce the cost of this energy source, by making it economically competitive”.


solar energy
A number of countries between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn are particularly rich in solar energy, yet they don’t fully take advantage of this resource ©Ethan Miller/Getty Images


In a public notice, the 121 countries added: “The reason why we support India in this initiative is that we recognise that sustainable development, global access to energy and energy security are crucial elements to ensure a future to our Planet”. “Today – Hollande added – the countries with the highest potential generate just a small amount of solar energy globally. This is a paradoxe we can accept no more”.


Indian Prime Minister also announced to host the Secretary General of the alliance for the next five years (until 2021). And pledged to lead by example, committing to have an installed solar power capacity of 100 GW by 2022 (up to now the Asian country has 4 GW).

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