Biking for books: Cyclo-biblio stars in June

Cyclo-biblio is a five-day journey from Switzerland to France, aiming to raise awareness on the key role of public libraries in Europe.

Cyclo-biblio, a five-day ride in support of libraries, combines the love for books with the love for bycicles. After Cycling for libraries‘ successful fourth edition (this is name of the international event from which the francophone edition drew its inspiration) in August 2014, between Montpellier and Lyon, the French association Cyclo-biblio decided to organise another edition in 2015. Over 50 participants, both librarians and libraries lovers, will take part to this special 22o km ride, starting from Basel on 6 June and ending in Strasbourg on 10 June. From 11 to 13 June, the French city, which is the arrival city of Cyclo-biblio, will hold the conference of the French Association of Librarians.




The event and the association were created to support Cycling for libraries international event, which fosters libraries and aims to raise the awareness of their services and their resources. During Cyclo-biblio 2015, visits to small and large university, municipal and intercultural and media libraries will be organised, giving the opportunity to meet librarians and local administrators, to discuss about different topics before and after a ride.


On the event website, both organisers and participants insist on “the crucial role of libraries for the society and for the intellectual and scientific education in general. Cycling for libraries also supports environmental values and ecological way of life.”


The event was organised using all new communication tools, such as social media, as Cyclo-biblio pointed out: “the web has a key role in organizing and communicating the event worldwide to all who are interested in keeping libraries alive and functional.”


In June 2013, Cycling for libraries brought a declaration to the European Parliament, stressing the importance of public libraries to provide inclusion services to digital access and to foster useful skills and stimulate employment and business, in order to stress on the key role of libraries in the European countries and to enable growth and prosperity throughout Europe.

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