Baby dolphin apparently died after beachgoers handed it around for selfies

In Argentina un piccolo delfino è stato tirato fuori dall’acqua da un gruppo di turisti desideroso di scattarsi una foto con l’animale. Il cetaceo è poi morto per disidratazione.

The incident is disquieting and triggers a series of sad considerations on the irreversible moral decline of the civilization created by the Homo Sapiens. Empathy, respect and love, elements that should be the founding feelings of our species, have disappeared under the warmth of the Argentinian sun, along with the last instants of a baby dolphin’s life, sacrificed on the altar of vanity and exhibitionism.


I turisti si scattano foto con il delfino morente
The dolphin, removed from the sea by tourists, died for dehydration


The incident took place in Argentina, on Santa Teresita beach, north-west of the province of Buenos Aires. The cetacean, a specimen of Franciscana dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei), species listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN, has been scooped out of the water and brought to the beach by tourists and beachgoers for petting and photos.


The animal has been thus passed around, from hand to hand, from selfie to selfie, while probably launching a silent plea: “take me back to the water. That is my place”. However, people – whose compassion was crippled by smartphones – did not realise what was going on and the dolphin died of dehydration.


Three individuals of Franciscana dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei), species listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN


Paul Watson, founder and president of Sea Shepherd, association fighting to protect the world’s marine wildlife, also commented the said facts.

A Curse on These Beach Bum Baby Killers.Commentary by Captain Paul WatsonMost of the time I try very hard to control…

Posted by Captain Paul Watson on Jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016



Photographer Hernan Coria, author of the photos, claimed that the animal was already dead when beachgoers took it out of the water to take pictures. He also said that other dolphins were found washed up dead over the past few days. This version could exculpate involved people, but numerous witnesses said that the baby dolphin was still alive.

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