4 aromatic herbs for your health

Aromatic herbs are precious natural remedies. Here are 4 useful herbs which are easy to grow on your balcony during spring.

Spring has finally come, and our gardens and balconies become full of scented aromatic herbs, which are good for cooking, and to be used as natural remedies for our health.



The name comes from the Latin word “salvare” (to save, heal), and refers to the numerous curative properties of this plant. The ancient Egyptians used it as a remedy against female infertility, whilst the Greek Dioscorides and Hippocrates advised their use for lesions. Sage’s leaves, from which infusions and tisanes can be obtained, have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties.





This plant, which spontaneously grows along the Mediterranean coasts, is one of the herbs that are mostly cultivated in small pots. In the ancient times it was used to alleviate stomach disorders, as well as to purify the air in temples, where it was burnt, before the use of incense.  Rosemary is also used in the form of essential oil, as bactericide and carminative. It lowers cholesterol levels, and it can fight type 2 diabetes in the same way of medicines, according to a recent study of the Department of Nutrition Sciences of the University of Illinois on rosemary and oregano.





The name recalls regality: in fact, the Latin Pliny and Horace cite it for its regal scent. Basil has Indian and African origins, and it was brought to more temperate areas of Europe, where its leaves are widely used, mostly during summer. In the form of essential oil, it stimulates appetite and digestion, and if used on skin it alleviates the itch of insects bites.





Egyptians used thyme for the embalming, and Etruscans cultivated it for its varied properties. Its name comes from the Greek word thymos (soul, vital principle). As infuse or tisane, it is widely used to heal respiratory infections, cough, asthma, and bronchitis. It has an antiviral action, but in case of hypertension is better to avoid it.

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