Africa seen from the sky. The magical photos by Arthus-Bertrand for Amani

L’Africa vista dal cielo con gli occhi del fotografo francese Yann Arthus-Bertrand. 13 immagini da scoprire e sfogliare nel calendario 2016 di Amani.

13 photos portraying Africa from the sky, realised by the great French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, compose the latest calendar of Amani, organisation that has been campaigning and protecting African children rights. Indeed, kids will benefit from the funds raised through the 2016 calendar sales for their education and growth.

“The African photos of The Earth From Above – one of Arthus-Bertrand’s most famous works –are the most numerous ones, and some of them are included in the calendar. Photos describing fairy-tale villages of Niger or Mali, or portraying dromedaries in the desert, recreating the magic of such realities,” wrote Italian journalist Pietro Del Re in the 2016 calendar’s preface.


“My story begun when I was 30, after I read Jane ‘In the shadow of man’ by Jane Doodall, the primatologist I already considered one of my idols. I decided to leave for Kenya, where I worked on a thesis on lion behaviour together with my wife, following the same family of felines for 3 years,” said Arthus-Bertrand in an interview to LifeGate. And Kenya, along with Zambia, is one of the main countries where Amani operates.

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Local educators strenuously work in the streets of Kenya’s capital Nairobi and try to approach street children, in order to win their trust and show them an alternative. Those who accept start a path that will lead them to accommodation centres, where they can start a new life.


amani calendar cover
The 2016 calendar cover


The calendar is available in two editions, wall calendar (10 euros) and desk calendar (5 euros), shipping costs excluded. It is also available at the Bottega di Amani in Milan, via Tortona 86.

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