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New collection of sustainable accessories from recycled rubber

By using rubber scraps of Vibram shoe soles Carmina Campus, Ilaria Venturini Fendi’s brand, launched a new line of bags and shoes. All this was made possible thanks to recycling.

Reducing waste to safeguard the environment and banning the use of animal-derived materials to be ethically correct are the purposes of two Italian fashion companies particularly committed to recycling.


Gomma di scarto dalla quale nasce la collezione


These are Vibram and Carmina Campus. The former is the company that patented the Carrarmato sole made of vulcanised rubber, particularly intended for mountain climbers but also used by haute couture designers such as Prada, Armani, Hugo Boss and Sergio Rossi. The latter is a leading manufacturer of shoes, bags, jewels and furniture realised with recycled materials. This was established by Ilaria Venturini Fendi (one of the Fendi sisters’ daughter) with the aim of creating her own ethical brand, different from the one run by her family.


Borsa decorata con "bave" e scarpe con chiodini


From the collaboration between these companies resulted the creation of a collection of eco-friendly accessories made with recycled materials. By using excess rubber or part of the sole spikes it was possible to create and decorate trendy bags, shoes and jewels. Moreover, some models were produced using “Ecostep”, a multicolour eco-friendly rubber compound patented over 15 years ago by Vibram with the objective of reducing the use of raw materials by over 30 percent.


Borsa in Ecostep Vibram e una piccola selezione di gioielli con chiodini delle suole di scarpe


Carmina Campus’ second collection in collaboration with Vibram has now a remarkable distribution chain. This demonstrates that even by employing recycled materials it is possible to obtain innovative and high quality products.


Photos © Carmina Campus & Vibram

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