Stella Jean’s eco-friendly fashion and Haitian jewels

Stella Jean, in cooperation with UN International Trade Centre, brings the jewels crafted by Haitian artists to the Western market

The urban style and cultural values of people living in distant countries, all merged into Stella Jean’s new jewels collection. Stella Jean is an influential fashion house operating in the luxury market which has always played an active role in sustainability. It has recently joined “Ethical Fashion Initiative“, a project realised by the International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organization.


The ethical programme aims to enhance Haitian and African craftsmanship, consisting mostly of women, in order to encourage women emancipation and reduce poverty in third world countries. In this respect, the ITC manages the introduction of textiles hand-woven by women in Burkina Faso and Mali small towns and of jewels crafted by Haitian artists. Totally embracing this eco-friendly model, Stella Jean, an Italian-Haitian artist, created an eco-friendly jewels collection rich with anthropological references, while travelling “back  to her roots” with a team of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.



stella jean


The collection

The papier-mâché fruits were created in Jacmel, Haiti cultural capital and hosting the largest Carnival festival of the country. For their creation, artisans used recycled concrete bags mixed with vegetable amides, such as manioc. On the other hand, wrought iron accessories come from different workshops specialised in metal processing and located in Port-au-Prince suburbs. In these workshops, artisans created pendants and bracelets from recycled oil barrels, finely shaped with a hammer. Every jewel is hand-coloured and unique.


Stella Jean - interna


“Not charity, just work!”. This is the message that Ethical Fashion Initiative want to spread all over the world, calling for fairer behaviours by the world’s fashion industry. By joining the project, Stella Jean, as well as Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, proved that the fashion system can represent a great opportunity for the development of poor countries, but only a greater ethical responsibility will bring important results.


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