Robert Plant and Tinariwen in a new album to support refugees

The new collection of exclusive songs by Robert Plant, Tinariwen and other artists entitled The Long Road that will support the refugee crisis will be released in March.

Robert Plant was involved in the British Red Cross, along with other internationally famous artists including Tinariwen and Kindness, to record a concept album inspired in the plight of refugees.


The collection of unreleased songs, entitled The Long Road, will be released on 4 March 2016 (you can pre-order it here) and it tells  the true stories of entire families of refugees that were obliged to leave their homes and seek asylum in the United Kingdom and in many other places worldwide.

Robert Plant will contribute to the realisation of the album by singing a cover song of The Blanket Of Night by Elbow that talks about a couple of refugees sailing during the night in stormy sea. In a press release the singer stated: “We have a worldwide international catastrophe. Talking about it is one thing, doing something about it is another. The position we are in, it’s paramount we all do our best one way or another to help”.


Besides Led Zeppelin’s iconic singer, this ambitious project included TinariwenKindness, Spoken Word’s poet Scroobius Pip and the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars.


Tinariwen Red Cross
Tinariwen for The Long Road


Tinariwen, a Grammy Award-winning band, recorded a new soundtrack entitled Silence. The founder of the band, Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, is a former refugee: when he was a child he was obliged to leave his home in Mali after that his father was put to death in 1963 during the uprisings. The music of this band of Tuareg musicians was created in refugee camps located on the border between Lybia and Algeria, where Ibrahim and the other members wrote and sang songs for their people.


Adam Bainbridge, aka Kindness, was also part of this gorup of artists because his grandmother, Amina Desai, was imprisoned for years in South Africa due to her struggle against apartheid. Adam is working with Ayman Hirh, a refugee fled from Syria in 2012 at the beginning of conflicts: “I’ve seen with my own eyes that anyone’s life can be turned upside down overnight; that expressing an opinion can be enough to make life unliveable in the place you call home, and eventually force you to leave it. So when I was told about the project, I had to be involved. Getting to know Ayman has been fantastic and I’m looking forward to telling his story in the studio”.


Kindness Red Cross
Kindness for The Long Road


The Long Road will be produced by Ethan Jones, already known for his works with Paul McCartney, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Kings of Leon, who said: “Music is one of the oldest forms of storytelling, and these are important stories to be told”.


The proceeds of the album sale will finance the British Red Cross’ work with the refugees.

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