Rice and grilled vegetable salad

L’insalata di riso e verdure grigliate è un’alternativa estiva alla classica insalata di riso. La variante vegana è senza aggiunta di formaggio.



Ingredients for 4 people

180 g of rice

1 courgette

1 pepper

1 aubergine

100 g of smoked scamorza cheese

salt and pepper

extra virgin olive oil



insalata di riso e verdure grigliate lifegate.it



Cook the rice, drain it, season with oil, and let it cool down. Wash the courgette and the aubergine, cut them in slices 3 mm thick, and grill them for some minutes each side. Cut them in pieces.

Grill the pepper, let it cool down whilst covered, remove the peel and the seeds and cut it in thin slices. Cut the scamorza cheese, and add it to the rice and grilled vegetable salad. Dress with chives and serve it cool.


insalata di riso e verdure grigliate lifegate.it


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