Peru, Chicama becomes the first wave in the world to be protected by national law

Il Perù ha stabilito che non si potrà costruire in prossimità della costa di Chicama, dove si forma una delle più grandi onde del mondo.

Along Peru’s Northern Pacific coast there’s a small village of fishermen named Chicama, home to a legendary wave, the world’s longest left. This extraordinary wave is today a little bit safer, to the joy of local population and surfers: Chicama has become the first wave in the world to be protected by a national law.


Onda di Chicama
Chicama is home to the world’s longest left, and is now protected by national law


Peru’s government, through the Law 27280, has set out regulations for the safeguard of the coast involved. For instance, from now on it is forbidden to build anything up to one kilometre from the wave that may affect the shape of the wave, or even the wind.


The policies regarding the protection of waves and coasts, extraordinary environmental and tourist resources for the country, are only at their initial stages. Peruvian government has announced it will soon protect five other waves, reaching a total of 130 waves protected. It took over 2 years and numerous environmental impact assessments, but an historic deal has been achieved.

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“We’re super proud,” said Karín Sierralte, Executive Director of the Peruvian Surfing Federation, “Soon we are going to have more waves protected. I cannot say which ones they are, because some people may use this time to start building something without authorization and therefore harming our coast.”


We often see surfers and environmental organisations fighting against governments and local administrations to safeguard coasts. An example is Ramón Navarro, Chilean surfer and Patagonia Ambassador who is committed to protecting famed Punta de Lobos from the uncontrolled coastal development and turning it into a surfing natural reserve.


Surfista in Perù
Peru has become a destination of many surfers from all over the world, thanks to its beautiful coasts and long waves


But in this case, surfers, locals, and the government worked together to protect the waves of Chicama.

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