Nigeria, Boko Haram extremists commit another massacre: victims burnt alive

Almeno 86 persone sono state uccise dal gruppo integralista islamico Boko Haram. Tre donne kamikaze si sono fatte esplodere.

The death toll still remains not definite, but at least 86 people were killed in Nigeria, on Saturday evening, 30th January, during a terror attack carried out by the extremist Islamic group Boko Haram. The scene of the massacre was the village of Dalori, twelve kilometres from Maiduguri, in the North-East of the country.


“Children burnt alive”

Three female suicide bombers started mingling with people and then they blew themselves up. As Mustapha Anka, a spokesperson for Negeria’s army, said the assailants arrived “in two cars and on motorcycles, they opened fire then set light to homes”.



When they arrived “many people ran to the bush including myself,” said one of the villagers to AP.  “When we came back in the morning the entire community had been razed”. According to international media, many victims – including children – were burnt to death.


Boko Haram’s choice of attacking Maiduguri area is anything but random. The city counts 1.6 million inhabitants, 1.6 million of which are refugees who fled their homes due to the advance of the terroristic organisation.



What is Boko Haram

Boko Haram has been operational in Nigeria since 2002. Its name literally means “Western education is forbidden”. In 2009, the repression carried out by authorities led to an open conflict: in June police forces killed 15 members of the organization, which reacted with a real insurrection that killed more than 800.


The group members use to refer to by themselves as “yusufiyas”, named after the organisation’s founder and spiritual father, Ustaz Muhammad Yusuf, Sunni man that studied theology at the University of Medina, Saudi Arabia, and that was captured and executed by Nigerian authorities in 2009. According to Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos, French researcher and specialist of Nigeria, Yusuf considered Western culture as more lethal than Crusades to the Islamic world.



Attacks and victims in Chad

2009 was the very year in which Boko Haram chose the path of terrorism. Many heads hide in neighbouring countries, waiting for reorganising themselves. It’s no coincidence that the group is currently active in Chad, country that has been hit by 2 attacks on Sunday: at least 3 people were killed and 56 wounded in the cities of Guié and Miterine. This area already declared the state of emergency in order to try to fight jihadist attacks.


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