New York City. 5,000 people feast on a meal entirely made from food waste

5,000 people were offered dishes entirely prepared with food that would otherwise have been thrown out. The initiative aimed to raise awareness on food waste.

Feeding thousands of people with food that would otherwise have been thrown away is possible. It was proven by a group of non-governmental organisations on the 10th of May in Union Square, in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. The initiative, Feeding the 5,000, was aimed at raising the awareness of US citizens on wasted food.

Food was donated by restaurants and canteens

5,000 people were offered a meal entirely prepared with food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Aubergines, carrots, apples but also fish: food was donated by restaurants and cafeterias located across the US West Coast. People also had the opportunity of attending culinary demonstrations focused on how not to waste food.


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Feedback has organised numerous initiatives to raise awareness on food waste all over the world © Chris King/Feedback


Tristram Stuart, founder of Feedback, said to AFP: “Today we just celebrated and showed new solutions to prevent food from being thrown out. 90 per cent of Americans regularly throw away food, mainly because of the expiration date. The truth is, actually, those dates have nothing to do with food security”.

Food waste in the US

“The United States has the highest rate of food waste in the world,” Stuart added. “The food sold by US supermarkets and restaurants would be enough to feed twice the US population”. The result is that the average American household (4 people) throws out food worth 1,500 dollars each year.

The initiative has been replicated across other cities all over the world, including London in 2011, Amsterdam in 2013 and Brussels in 2014. Stuart is author of a successful book that also inspired a documentary. The initiative will be held in Washington, DC on the 18th of May.


Featured image © Chris King/Feedback

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