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Everything you need to know about the third Global Climate Strike. From Australia to the US, live this historic moment with us.

Here we go. The third Global Climate Strike is finally here.

More than a year ago, Greta Thunberg, was sitting alone in front of the Swedish parliament striking for more concrete actions against climate change. Six months ago, students from all over the world joined her protests in what was the first global climate strike. Little did they know what they were creating. Today, young people are ready to make history with the biggest climate rally ever organized.

More than 150 countries have joined the Fridays for Future strike. This time people of all ages will take the streets and rally in tandem with their parents, their teachers, scientists, workers and trade unions. Their green army is ready to conquer the world.

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What is going on around the world

The first news come from New Zealand where it is reported that 170.000 people took to the streets.

Lausanne, Switzerland, took to the streets as well.

In Budapest, Hungary, the strikers had a gigantic earth that rallied through the streets with them.

Vienna, Austria, is getting ready in this very moment.

We also have news coming from Holland.

Of course, Sweden, home of Greta Thunberg, couldn’t miss this strike.

In Berlin,Germany, it was raining but the protest didn’t stop for one minute.

Spain is still marching.

In Helsinki the crowd surrounded the Finnish parliament.

In Slovenia they made their voices heard.

In Taiwan young and brave activists protested in front of the parliament.

And in India thousands of students striked with their schools.

This was Copenhagen during the afternoon.

Slovenia was loud!

This was Luxembourg.


This was Quebec marching.

And this was Halifax.

From Canada to Greece. Here, we are in Athens. 

The climate movement reached even New Delhi.

And Mumbai.

Then, it was time for Tel Aviv.

After the tweets from Tel Aviv, we are seeing the protest in Israel.

While this is Iran.

This images are coming from Russia.

And this is Africa!! Here we are in Nigeria.

And here in Tanzania.

The end of the Climate Week

Today marks the end of the very first Climate Week in history.

It all started on September 20 when four million people took to the streets around the world with three clear demands: no more fossil fuels, a just transition to renewable energies and justice for front line communities.

Read more: The Global Climate Strike in New York, photos and stories from the first day of the Climate Week

Saturday, the 21 was the United Nation Youth Climate Summit day. Greta Thunberg, together with other young climate activists asked stronger and more concreate measures to tackle climate change.

Monday, the 23, the UN held the Climate Summit. Greta made a powerful speech holding world leaders accountable for stealing young generations’ childhood, present and future. Together with 15 joung climate activists, she denounced France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Turkey for not being in compliance with the Paris Agreement and for being irremediably compromising younger generations’ future.

During the summit, various countries presented their green initiatives to stop the current climate crisis: for example, Pakistan announced it will plant 10 billion trees, Stefano Boeri introduced his Green Great Wall project to reforest cities and Finland declared it will go carbon neutral before 2033.

The livestream from Italy

Italy is striking as well. More than 160 cities have organized events in their streets: from Turin to Palermo, from Bologna to Naples, Italians are ready to join the protests. During the first global strike, Italy registered the biggest number of participants out of all the countries that rallied that day.

Early reports from the Fridays for Future speak of 150.000 people who joined the strike in Milan alone.

Greta Thunberg herself was shocked to see the huge crowd in Turin.

Palermo, Sicily, created banners and jingles for the rally.

Reggio Calabria, in the South of Italy, had a big, passionate crowd.

The previous global strikes

Today marks the third global climate strike. The first one took place on the 15 of March 2019 and was joined by 125 countries and 2.080 cities. Those numbers were already shocking by themselves, but they even rose during the second strike, which was held on the 24 of March, where 1.4 million people took the streets in almost 2.000 cities.


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