The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donates 20 million dollars for environment protection

The grants are destined to more than 100 organisations committed to protecting biodiversity, safeguarding indigenous people and combatting climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s commitment to protecting the environment, and the Planet, is (almost) becoming the new normal. The Hollywood actor has produced important documentaries, including Before the Flood and Cowspiracy, and his foundation promotes and funds tens of causes for the protection of the environment. In fact, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has recently announced new grants for the record amount of 20 million dollars (since its establishment in 1998 the foundation has donated over 80 million dollars).

Who are the grantees

The donation will be given to more than 100 organisations committed to safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystems, protecting indigenous peoples’ rights, promoting renewable energy and combatting climate change. The grants are destined to the major environmental organisations as well as local associations.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio is part of many environmental organisations’ board of directors, including WWF, and has been named UN Ambassador © Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Six key areas

The grants have been destined to six specific areas: climate change (3,573,562 million dollars), wildlife and landscape conservation (6,360,000 million dollars), marine life and oceans (3,756,000 million dollars), innovative solutions (4,077,568 million dollars), indigenous rights (796,500 dollars), and the California programme to make the transition to sustainable development (1,436,750 million dollars).

Protecting the future

“We are proud to support the work of over 100 organizations at home and abroad,” said Leonardo DiCaprio during a climate change conference at Yale University. “These grantees are active on the ground, protecting our oceans, forests and endangered species for future generations – and tackling the urgent, existential challenges of climate change.”

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